Features & Benefits

  • Click-and-go – first start every time at the push of a button without needing to stress over cord pulleys
  • Multi-purpose – suitable to use in both salt-water and fresh water – not offshore. Dams, Rivers, Bays, Marinas and most waterways that don’t have fast moving tides.
  • Economical – does not need maintenance or washing.
  • Worry-free – it’s portable thus removing the need to worry about getting your motor stolen from your boat.
  • Kind on your back – it only weighs 750 grams! (Compared to electric motors that weigh up to 10kg!)
  • Top marine quality – 316 marine grade stainless steel shaft.
  • Proudly Australian made and designed
  • Simple to use – 1 minute to assemble out of the box
  • Reliable – there are no electronics to break down in shaft
  • User friendly – it works with any 12V or 18V cordless drill with a 10mm drill shaft fitting.
  • Peace of mind – suitable as an emergency or back up motor – not offshore.
  • Flexibility – great substitute for oars
  • Fun and innovative – great gift for anyone that loves being on the water

Lots of boaties now rely on Water Glider!